Our Vision and Goal

Sarandipity Pet Care Services caters to many San Diego residents that have busier work schedules these days, necessary business trips, or other extended absences.  Our vision to is to not only accommodate this population with our sitting and walking services, but to also provide services to their pets in the most natural, stress-free environment for your pet.  Our goal is to customize our services to the needs of your furry family overall well-being and happiness.  We want to know where your dog's favorite walking area is, what their favorite toys and treats are. Does your dog like to run? Does your cat just want to be pet and loved while you are away? We want to get to know the routine and nature of your animal so we can take care of them how you would want them to be taken care of. Many of our clients own more than one pet, some may also have birds, guinea pigs, hamsters, etc. We don't discriminate and are happy to look after these critters as well! 

Sara Melaten, Owner and Professional Dog Walker / Pet Sitter

I have been a resident of San Diego since 1999. I have a beautiful 1 year old daughter, and two cats, named Ombre and Ralph, whose pictures are shown below on the right.  I don't know what I would do without the little guys!  I have a profound love for our animal companions.  I've grown up around dogs, cats, birds, horses, and a variety of other animals. Because I have spent so much time around pets, in addition to being a pet owner myself, I've realized that our animal companions can be the most loved and cherished family members in our lives!  I decided to put my passion to work—  I left a very successful corporate position and started Sarandipity Pet Care Services in 2009.  I am now living the life I envisioned for myself while satisfying the growing need of San Diegans to have a reliable service that ensures that their pets are loved and cared for when they are away.


   Master of Science Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

   Graduated from UCSB with BA in Psychology and minor in Anthropology

   Founder of the original San Diego Pet Professionals Meet-Up Group


   Volunteered for the San Diego Humane Society
   Pet First Aid and CPR Certified by the Red Cross
   Member of Professional United Pet Sitters
   Insured and Bonded
   Current City License

Laura Gordh, Manager and Professional Dog Walker / Pet Sitter

I have loved animals of all kinds my whole life. I grew up in Minnesota, surrounded by dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, and many different kinds of farm animals.  I had a dachshund for 17 wonderful years!  I currently have a spunky black cat named Wednesday. I absolutely love nature and the outdoors and I spent many years as a child at summer camp on the ranch, where I rode horses, played with dogs, and fell in love with goats! Once I moved to San Diego in 2008 I immediately realized how pet-friendly San Diego is. I have many years experience walking dogs and caring for pets, and it has always been a dream of mine to be able to work with such a business as Sarandipity Pet Care Services. Nothing is more rewarding to me than ensuring that our pets get the utmost care that they need and deserve.  I am bonded, insured and Pet First Aid certified by Red Cross.  Random tid-bit about me: I especially love German Shepheards and Pit Bulls!

Gloria Hernandez, Professional Dog Walker / Pet Sitter

I have always surrounded myself with animals because they always bring me back to what is really important in life. I fostered and owned many dogs with different needs for many years.  I belong to a spiritual community that includes animals as our teachers of kindness.  I am also a community volunteer and active in supporting those in need. My calmness, peacefulness, patience, serene and joyful soul come partly from my passion for animals. I give thanks for the honor and the privilege of the opportunity to be in their presence. My experience has taught me to always keep my mind and heart open for their needs and the rewards are countless.  I am bonded, insured, and Pet First Aid certified by Pet Tech.

Ashley Pearlman, Professional Dog Walker / Pet Sitter

I moved to San Diego a year and a half ago. Prior to that I resided in New York as a professional pet care provider but moved because it was too cold! Since I currently don't have any pets, I treat each one of my furry friends as my own. It gives me such joy to work with and be around animals providing them what they need. I love getting to know each pet's quirks and unique personalities. When I'm not taking care of pets I teach yoga.  I am bonded and insured.

Suzy Bond, Professional Dog Walker / Pet Sitter

“Any glimpse into the life of an animal quickens our own and makes it so much the larger and better in every way.” John Muir.  


This is what I believe. Animals amplify what is good in humans—our compassion, our caring and our ability to respond to the needs of others. They help busy people slow down, frustrating moments soften and they take the edge off of our sadness. This is what I think about each time I have the privilege to care for an animal.  My early life to present day has been full with animals. I have been companion to dogs, cats, horses and goats. I currently live with two wonderful creatures, Friendly and Spinner, one a rescued track Greyhound and the other a Greyhound and Borzoi mix. I’m honored to be allowed to care for your animals.  I am bonded and insured.

Dmitry Masarsky, Professional Dog Walker / Pet Sitter

Hello my name is Dmitry Masarsky! I just recently moved back to California from Tulsa Oklahoma. I have a 5 year old son named Cael who is my world! I also have a 5 yr old dog named Bella which i love dearly! I was fortunate enough to get a job working with Sara Melaten and Sarandipity Pet Care Services! Working with pets specially dogs has been amazing! Each pet has its own distinct and loving personality! Each day is similar yet uniquely different! Pets bring so much joy into our lives they teach us responsibility, selflessness and unconditional love! I am blessed to be doing something i love as a career! Some say pets are our guardian angels-- that wouldn't surprise me one bit!  I look forward to meeting your pets!  I am bonded and insured.

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