Frequently Asked Questions

Why in-home pet sitting/walking as opposed to doggie day care or kennels?

In home pet sitting is a great alternative to boarding your precious family member. loneliness.  Kennels or other boarding facilities can be restricting and often there is little assurance that your pet is being emotionally attended to.  With our pet sitting and walking services, we want to make sure we follow your pet's normal routine and make sure they are happy and exercised while you are away.

​What exactly do you do?

Sarandipity Pet Care Services is a full service in-home pet care provider.  We come to your house while you are away to alleviate the need and stress of the owner to come home to take out or care for the pet.  Dogs are walked around your neighborhood, or taken to the dog park or beach (upon your request).  Cats are fed, pet, played with, etc. Medications are given on schedule.  Your pets are fed, brushed, and LOVED!  At no extra charge, our sitting services include yard/ litter box clean-up, bringing in mail and newspapers, taking trash to curb on trash day, moving your car on street sweeping days, watering plants, rotating lights and curtains to give your home a lived in look, and any other special requests that may be required. 


​Do you have staff?

Yes.  All team members are bonded, insured, and licensed to do business in San Diego.  Our staff is carefully screened in the interview process.  Our staff members get an official criminal background check before being hired on. All staff are licensed and bonded through Sarandipity Pet Care Services. The sitters are excellent pet owners themselves and have previous experience in care-taking.  It is nice to have a team on hand, in the event a certain pet sitter is not available on one or more of the dates you are needing service.  You meet the sitter or sitters (if there is more than one) before they come into your home.


What is "Time To Pet" and how does it work?

GPS check/in check out technology used by our sitters.  With our smart phones, we check in and out of  our pet sits.  Notes and photos we take during the sit are emailed to you at the end of dog walk or pet sit.  Take comfort in knowing when and how long your sitter was with your pet.  

​​What is Pet Taxi?

Our Pet Taxi service comes in handy when you need your pet to be taken to the vet or groomer.  One way or round trip service is available.  We also provide pet food and supplies shopping/delivery.


​What happens during the meet-and-greet/initial consultation? 

The initial consultation takes around 15-30 minutes.  It's a chance for the pet sitter to get acquainted with you and your pet(s).   Questions about your pet's routine, likes, dislikes are asked.  We want to know about things that you want done during  a future visit(s).  If it is decided that it's a good fit between us, arrangements are made for a key copy for the upcoming visit(s).  Payment arrangements are made at this time.  This is a very important visit because we need to make sure there's a comfortable connection with you, your pet, and the sitter (or myself).  Once a client decides to move forward, the client fills out an online registration form that addresses all details that we need to know in order to take care of your pet properly. Included in the registration is a contract.

​What do overnight stays entail?

Overnight stays are 10 -12 hours and include feeding, fresh water, morning and evening dog walks, litter box cleaning, playtime with pets, bringing in mail, taking out garbage, watering plants and spending the night in your home.  The pet sitter arrives close to 7pm, unless another arrangement is made.

How much notice should I provide before service?

You should contact Sarandipity as soon as you know the dates.  We can work on shorter notice as well, however try to contact us 1-2 weeks in advance.

​I have a last minute trip that came up-- are you able to accommodate me?​​
We always do our best to provide services last minute for your pet, however, however availability cannot be guaranteed.  If Sarandipity pet sitters are unavailable, you will be referred to another trusted business that may be able to serve you.


What does it mean to be licensed, bonded and insured? 

​Sarandipity Pet Care Services has a current business license.  Liability Insurance policy protects you from financial loss in the event we are liable for accidents that occur while caring for your pets.  To be bonded means that there is insurance protecting against theft in the home.  Any responsible, professional business should carry liability insurance and be bonded.

Do I drop my dog off at a facility of yours?

No.  We come to your home to visit your pet or take your dog out for a walk or other outing.

​How do I get a key to you?

We encourage clients to provide us with two key copies at the end of our initial consultation.  If two key copies cannot be provided, then a lockbox that the pet sitter can access is an alternative.  If a key copy is not ready in time for the consultation, the pet sitter or Sara can meet up with you to collect a key copy before the first service.  Dropping off your key after service is a $5 charge.  Key pickup is $5 (this does not include when we pick up a key at the time of initial consultation).

How do I make a payment?

Auto pay by ACH (transfer from checking account) is the preferred method, however we also accept credit card.  Payments are made before a pet sitting reservation begins.